Category: February

Aylin Abrishami & Baharak Omidfar
Fairies of the Death Flower valley
16-27 February

Aylin Abrishami – 1992 Master of Arts Research and Bachelors of Arts (Metal - jewelry) I began my artistic career in 2014 at my personal studio under Aylin Abrishami brand…
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Farnaz haghighat parast (Confusion)
9 – 14 February

Born on 03/01/1985 Tabriz Iran Painter and sculptor Master’s student in painting at Tehran alzahra University. Bachelor of painting , University of Tabriz. Conducting group exhibition of print by chaave…
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Farhad Foroutanian( Fragrance of Life)
3 – 12 February

Born in Tehran-Iran,1957. Educated from the Academy of fine Arts of Tehran in 1978. Studied Visual arts in Vrij Academy of Rotterdam in 1987. Live and work in the Netherlands…
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