Mahroo Asghari
27 Oct- 7 Nov

Mahroo Asghari’s work reflects her most inner personal feelings.Her social & personal life experiences drive her to communicate through her work,lives of everyday ordinary people and their pains and struggles .Her work represents a sharp and pointed look towards the world around her.
Her brave usage of highly contrasted paint createst an excited visual sense that leaves a lasting impact. With commanding knowledge of her own capabilities and available resources, Mahroo intelligently communicates her point of view to her audience .The process through which she embarks on her journey makes it seem like her work is a compilation of multitudes of different elements that eventually undergoes a refining and evolutionary process in order to import upon her audience the fine point she intends to convey.
With keen eyes and deep look into Mahroo’s work it becomes completely obvious that her modern form of expression/communication is very pure yet abundantly exciting.



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