Zohre Samadbin
Parallel Worlds





Bachelor of Painting in Art University, 2009

Master of Painting in Faculty of Fine Arts, 2007

  • My Country in 2000, Niavaran Culture Club, 1998
  • The first Festival of Country Students, 1998
  • Sadegh sobh, 137 park of Tehran Shafagh, 1997
  • Printing Illustration for Kooshesh Journal in Child and Adolescent

Mental Focus, 2007



Parallel Worlds

Parallel Worlds are composed from continuous routs and unfaling that they aren’t captured for chains of time and space.

Everybody is containing of different layers and levels like the parallel worlds. There is parallel states of consciousness within of parallel worlds show own just different pattern and results in life of person… the works have been exhibited, have formed from my inner layers unconsciously in routs regardless of space and time.