Reaz Nicoo Samiee
The Unpleasant Distance
Acrylic, Collage




Chief editor of Weekly Jeshme Ardebil
Master of Anthropology
Creating innovative Sema script
Presentation of works of calligraphy in Germany and Azerbaijan 2014 and 2015 




-First place in Thaqalayn Calligraphy Festival and gaining best work of Festival, Tehran 2006
-First prize in Payambarazam National Festival, Tehran 2006
-First prize among teachers in Taliyeh zoohor festival 2006
-Participate in International Festival of Hekmat Motahar Tehran 2006
-First prize in Hosseini epic Festival, Qom 2005




-Exhibition in the Gallery Khat Sefid on the subject of Plasco 2016
-Exhibition in FADAK Gallery 2015 and 2016
-Hakim shahr Exhibition in Khataei Gallery, Ardebil 2014
-SEMA exhibition in Khataei Gallery, Ardabil 2013
-Bagh Shogh Exhibition in Khataei Gallery, Ardebil 2010