Nader Torkaman

Born: 1961, Tehran, Iran.

Academy of fine arts, Tehran, 1975-1978

University of Nebraska 1978-1981

  • Bellevue University, group exhibition-1979 (Bellevue, NE)
  • Club retaliation, solo exhibition 1987 (Washington, DC)
  • Takoma Trading, solo exhibition 1991 (Washington, DC)
  • Gollestan gallery, solo exhibition 1993 (Tehran, Iran)
  • Mansoureh Hosseini gallery, solo exhibition 1997 (Tehran, Iran)


Honest Human Expressions

Wondering perpetually within, to cease gravity and time, to eliminate  absolutes, to omit common perceptions, to Be insubstantial; to discover new ideas and meanings with an objective look into the hidden and elusive subconscious.

To overcome fear, regain lucidity and focus, to be present again; to escape the burial ground of unsorted dreams.

Can we believe that our subconscious holds a key to our genetic memory?

Can it embrace the secrets of our evolving primitive past? In my opinion, if we examine strongly, we encounter the existence of many distinctive inescapable archetypes and Geometry could be a fine example of such existence.

In my paintings I have tried to distance myself from symmetrical terminations so the outcome cannot propose divinity or perfection. However it seems that there is an inherent symmetrical force with in geometrical articles, one that is hard to battle.

These are raw improvised unedited patterns, craving to be whole and relying on necessity to find means. For my release, I have to add That, this was not an absurd attempt for an experimental soul searching, nor a psychological fine tuning; but merely an effort to express Myself by painting as honestly as possible.


Exhibition (A Journey with Archetypes)