Mohadesseh Movahed
The Double Chamber
Acrylic on canvas




Born in1988.

B.S of Painting from Tehran University of Science and Culture (Elm va Farhang)

  • Participated in over 15 Group exhibitions
  • Selected in Edgar Allan Poe’s festival, Richmond, 2105
  • Nasle no annual exhibitions,  Damonfar biennal exhibitions, 20132012



The Double Chamber

The creators of these artworks make a double chamber by mingling the reality and dream, in that by creating the realities of life in an unconventional way, they try to defamiliarize our mind about usual habitudes and through this process creators make a possibility for their spectators to face the matters in a different aspect.

In this passage it might be possible to find someone like Virginia Woolf who makes the nature and human same as each other in the formidable ‘’Waves’’ of her perception. Perhaps you face with a young dreamer such as Mikhail Lermontov someone who shows the hero of all the era in a dejected character. Or maybe in your long roam, a picture of Madame Bovary, a lady with particolored conflicting demands, attract your eyes. If your eyes has been fascinated your mind by these unconventional pictures, along this passage promptly it brings you to ‘’The double chamber’’ of ‘’Mohadesseh Movahed’’ and for a while you will inhabit in this room. The room where the artist diffuse her lonely experience about watching the world by waves shapes and holes on the bodies and faces of her characters. And by the unconventional locations of the various elements in her art works, she made it possible for us to stay in this chamber for contemplating on the realities of our own world in a different way.