Farhad Foroutanian
Fragrance of Life
Acrylic on canvas




Born in Tehran-Iran,1957.

Educated from the Academy of fine Arts of Tehran in 1978.

Studied Visual arts in Vrij Academy of Rotterdam in 1987. Live and work in the Netherlands since 1986.

  • Founder of InterAct performance and visual arts company of the Netherlands, based in Rotterdam.
  • Co-director of COOR foundation of the Netherlands and WAVE film productions.

  Art Records

  • Visual art center- Amsterdam- 2014-2015
  • Gallery Diversity & Art- Amsterdam- 2013
  • HIVOS- The hage-2013
  • Gallery Vali- Teheran/ 2011
  • Gallery AGIS- Amersfoort- Netherlands/2011
  • Galley Diversity& Art- Amsterdam/2011,
  • Gallery Kunstlinie- Almere/2009,
  • HAU Gallery – Berlin/2009,
  • Galley Aria- Tehran-2008
  • ‘Berlin underground’ Germany/ 2008.
  • “Politiek & Prent” the annual exposition of Dutch political cartoonists
  • in Nieuwspoort – The Hage – Netherlands -Prince Claus Foundation-The Hage/2007.
  • RIDEP – France/2005.


His works has been awarded for several times, such as:

  • Price for’ The best political cartoon of 2012′ by Pers&Prent of the Netherlands.
  • Price for’ The best political cartoon of 2004′ by BENE- Belgium.
  • Price for the Best Visual Artwork of Emilia-Romagna-Italy/1998 Italy.
  • Price for the Best design for EK 2000- Rotterdam.