Category: September

Kaveh Yari (Chaghashi)
1-13 September

Chaghashi is an art that by skillfully wielding a simple hammer, breathes life into inanimate metals and changes them into mysterious and exhilarating pieces of art. The auto didactic artist…
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Kambiz Khodabandeh Shahraki (Life)
23 – 28 September

Born in 1973, Iran, Tehran. Painter BA Painting, Azad University of Tehran, Art and Architecture college, 2004,  Thesis topic: Utopia. MA Painting, Tehran University, Fine Arts College, 2013, Thesis topic:…
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Ramin Shahvagh (Journey to the Deep Inside)
9 – 20 September

1977 / Iran Painter Master of Management    Ramin Shahvagh was born in an artistic family. Impressed by artworks of his father (Ramiz) and his uncle (Changiz), he started painting…
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Meysam Rezaeinia (The hidden Masks)
26 August – 6 September

1987 / Iran Sculptor Synthetic Art at Payam Noor University of Tehran (graduated in 2016) 10 years of work experience in the field of Sculpture and figure of cake   …
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