Category: 2022

In the battle of life (Group painting and sculpture exhibition)

Thinking about war.To the battle that has a colorful presence in all of our lives.I remembered a quote from Pablo Picasso about the place and use of art:"Art is not…
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The Stars Are Shining 3

Group exhibition of vanguard painters Ahmad Esfandiari/ Nasser Ovissi/ Abdolhamid Pazoki/ Sadegh Tabrizi/ Mohamad Ali Taraghijah/ Bahram Dabiri/Iran Darroudi/ Hosseinali Zabehi/ Abolghasem Saiedi/ Maoud Arabshahi/ Mohammad Hadi Fadavi/ Marco Grigorian/Hossein…
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The Stars Are Shining 2

Group exhibition of painters Nasser Ovissi / Sadegh Tabrizi / Mohamad Ali Taraghijah / Reza Derakhshani /Abolghasem Saiedi / Masoud Arabshahi / Hossein Kazemi /Parviz Kalantari / Hossein Mahjoubi /…
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