Baharak Omidfar

  • Master’s degree in Art Research, 2017 and Bachelor’s degree in Handicraft Arts in the field of Metal-Jewelery, 2007
  • Lecturer in Art at the University of Applied Sciences and Payame-Noor from 2012 up to now
  • The head of the metal workshop (ornament, jewelry, and sculpture) at the Center for Creation and Research of the Traditional Arts of the Malek House and the Grand Museum of Mashhad from 2008 to 2015, and work at the personal studio to design and manufacture of artistic and figurative jewelry under the brand name of Baharak Omidfar since 2007 up to now

* Being selected at numerous national and international festivals of jewelery and sculpture design and urban elements, including:

  • Having Award of Excellence for handicrafts of UNESCO 2012 and the national handicraft medal in 2011and 2015
  • Selected at the recall of Iranian Urban Arts -2015
  • Awarded the International Medal of Behance Portfolio Reviews, selected in Fashion Design (Jewelry Design) 2015
  • First Selected at the Contest of Iranian Contemporary Jewelery Competition, 2016.Aria Gallery
  • Selected to attend the Florence Jewel Design Week 2011

* Participation in various domestic exhibitions, such as jewelry and sculptures in Tehran, Mashhad, Isfahan Shiraz and numerous foreign exhibitions in Munich, Paris and Florence including:

  • Participating in the group exhibition of Jewelry Array called AGha Mohamad Khan Qajar Damet Garm- Atbin Gallery- Tehran- October 2016
  • Participating in the group exhibition of Contemporary Art Jewelery- Aria Gallery- Tehran- December 2016
  • Holding the Artistic Jewels Exhibition of Lotus Women and Dark Blue Flowers with Video Art- Personal Gallery- Mashhad- May 2011
  • Participating in Modamad Event- Designers Conference- Tehran- July 2017
  • Holding the Individual Exhibition of Jewelery-Sculpture entitled “Women of Shahnameh” at the PAUL AMARICA Gallery in Paris- 2010
  • Participating in the exhibition of the evolution process of Islamic arts in Munich by presenting the Birds Dialogue adapted from Attar’s Manteghoteir, 2010
  • Participating in the Group Exhibition of Iranian Contemporary Art Jewelers at Bellini Museum- Florence- 2010
  • Printing and criticizing some part of the works in the international art magazine and website of Garland Magazine and the Contemporary Art Jewelery Society by Dr. Kevin Murray, Curator and Professor at the University of Melbourne, Australia, 2011


Exhibition (Fairies of the Death Flower valley)