Haniye Darbandi
Questioner’s Mystery





Master ‘s degree – Painting

  • “Iranian Youth National” (group exhibition) Saba Cultural Center, 2010
  • “Action, Expression, Innovation”, Arya Gallery, 2010
  • Arasbaran Cultural Center (group exhibition), Tehran, 2009 -Hoor Gallery(group exhibition),Tehran, 2009
  • Le Centre Cultural d’Iran (group exhibition), Paris, France, 2009

objective point of view.

Mystery is the subject of my images.

Mystery is something that is part of everything’s existence and cannot  be abandoned and also it is not understood at once.

“I” inside everything and “Mystery” is so intertwined that cannot easily understood form outside.

By looking around and repeating it at the time of solitude I discover mystery of relationships between forms, places and relations among men.